Eric Thomas

"GRAINS" / Kevin DelGrosso / PREMIERE

Kevin DelGrosso's video "GRAINS" excels at telling a story: that of a strong, organic scene striving in the dead center of the U.S. or A, in and around Illinois. Sheltered from the popular East vs. West Coast diptych Europeans are most often exposed to, "GRAINS" makes for a beautifully-crafted display of some honest skateboarding and passion. Of course LIVE Skateboard Media wasn't "just" going to share some of that energy; we also had to ask a few questions from across the pond!

Your weekly unexpected part!

To scare yourself a little is part of skateboarding but, here, Eric Thomas pushes the envelope quite far… And his stunts are not the boring kind either, you never see them coming!



So, nope, Eric Thomas isn't of the not even sweating while landing insane tricks with a "not even trying" style kind… On the other end, he gots the spots, the kind you quickly make up your mind that he is the only one skating them, after fixing them, and, mainly, after finding them! He's not on a lazy tip, you can tell, and you can only feel he will not apologize for the fun he must be having doing all this, and he should definitely not! We tip our hats off to you, Mr Thomas!


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