Fehér Attila

R-I-Y-OS life

Even the RIOS got a DIY, and Feher Attila seems to be big dog proof! Street knowledge.

FAKOPÓ / premiere

Crew life… The Budapest RIOS seems to push the idea quite far, and remind us that skateboarding is a social activity, at the end of the day. One that should be practiced on an incline! It seems that they do spend a good amount of time skimming the hills of their city, but don't limit themselves to that… This new production by Bálint Bence should have you on the border of your seat more than once, literally out of fear! But the best thing about it all might be that, despite the fact that they skate together all the time, you will not see the same spot twice in the video. Now, get yourself comfy, most likely with the homies, and prepare for quite a trip to Hungary, as a Live Skateboard Media exclusive!

Ralph's tip: Fehér Attila

Thanks to Ralph Lloyd-Davis, we just found out that far away from the Island of Jersey, in Budapest, you can find a Luka Pinto and Glen Fox cousin of sorts, that also happen to have the best moniker we have heard in a long time!

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