Ryan Sublette

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They do have everything right, at Welcome, especially when adding Ryan Lay to the crew! Definitely clean on and off the board, it might have looked as an odd couple, but it sure works! Let's also deliver a special nod to Ryan Sublette, for his smith nose manny nollie tre out… Always surprising, that guy!!

Sublette alert!

In case you would have missed out on getting Worship Friendship (bad mistake!), here is your chance to catch up, and the absolute proof that Ryan Sublette embodies all that makes skateboarding in 2013 a fucking rad thing! Power and creativity on his board, and a total lack of need to conform to the rules of skateboarding in general: he's the truth!


A slap in your face…

If you would list the components of this, visuals, music, clothing, it should not work. At All… But it does! And to whoever is going to complain about Ryan Sublette's trousers selection, we might answer that he is a direct lineage of the Blind era Mark Gonzales and Jason Lee. Take that you 90's lovers. He does what he wants, and that's it.

Let's say the DVD might be worth the investment!


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