Sebastian Wang-Holm

Augustin' tip: Sebastian Wang-Holm!

He speaks about a "G video", and we'll add that Sebastian seems as sharp as his backside 360!

Your daily kid!

Copenhagen has always proposed the collective us skaters technical yet consistent, and young Sebastian is in the direct line of the local tradition, with a good kick flip applied with versatility, and a honorable use of speed in general!

Postcard from Denmark

So, yep, a few spots are far away from there, but for the most part, Villads Larsen, Tobias Lynge and their friends are taking you around their locals, for quite an exotic trip, in the end!

Way North…

We were recently reading Hjalte's interview discussing Jarmers, and here is the new generation on the famous ledge spot, plus many more around it. Looks like the future is bright!

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