VANS Thursday Sessions / WEEK 4 / REPORT

It all went down last Thursday for some French skateshops from all over the country, or the previous Thursday for some others, due to the heat wave; but now it's done and eventually, the 2019 French Vans Thursday Sessions have come to a close, after a fourth installment involving many a local activist, product distributor, filmer, photographer, skateboarder - people who more often than not are just as anonymous as they are hyperactive.

The recaps for each former edition are respectively and chronologically to be found herehere and here!

But what's relevant to our interests right here, right now, is the whole lot of new clips, photos and other fresh news the people has produced; namely the ones of ABS Annecy and Grenoble, la familia Bud SkateshopNDJ in Nantes, Shifty in Dijon, Okla in Toulouse and Wall Street in Lyon. 

VANS Thursday Sessions / WEEK 3 / REPORT

Similarly to the second one, this third installment in the series of the French Vans Thursday Sessions was seemingly cursed by poor weather conditions, thereby driving each shop to conduct the event on separate Thursdays, accordingly. Skateboarding nonetheless won again in the end, as many great times were had, content aplenty was produced, tricks were landed and soles resembled waffles. As usual, here's the report of each and every of those individual sessions, highlighting the drive and importance of local scenes, now, on LIVE!

VANS Thursday Sessions / WEEK 2 / REPORT

You might have heard about the #VansThursdaySessions before, as we already dropped a recap of their first installment, here on this very website. Well, the second one just occured, over the course of not just one Thursday but two, due to persisting, unfortunate weather conditions across France - and its skateshops - those past weeks. Well, eventually the line-up did get a wee bit shaken up regardless but globally, those sessions still turned out to be a success all around!

VANS Thursday Sessions / WEEK 1 / REPORT

The concept behind the Vans Thursday Sessions should need no introduction, as it's named rather appropriately: via a selection of some of the best French skateshops, the shoe company is now organizing regular sessions on certain, specific Thursdays, where every local voluntary is invited. All this for each crew to put together their own media content and respective Instagram clips, but first and foremost to improvise some street skateboarding with the spots at hand, and always fun, sometimes serious tricks between friends.

The first installment was last Thursday, actually; if you follow LIVE on Instagram (or any of the shops involved, or the dedicated hashtag #vansthursdaysessions), then you're bound to have caught glimpses of the first few clips floating around... If not, then fear not! We just put together this recap of everybody's day, on this very page; a great occasion to meet rad local scenes, new faces, catch some unique styles and salute the activism of them oh-so-precious shops!

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