Al Hodgson

Owl "Prolefeed" / PREMIERE

Now, here's a surprise! The streets have spoken, and large majority of our favorite Bordeaux locs have demanded we present you this new edit from the U.K. based Owl skateboards… To be honest, they did not have to strong arm us in any way!

A Bristol postcard

"British skating" as we dig it, was never (and thankfully so) limited to one spot in London, and the Southern town of Perfidious Albion has represented a well nice and well executed street skating. Here, a new generation is on the rise, just as everywhere else in the world, and from classic spots to new ones, it's a good watch!

Augustin's tip!

"La première line de Matlok est foolek!" According to out Google Trad', it seems to mean he's BAD, as in good… Well, you get it! Jokes aside, a real good edit, in its form and also the featured skating, that could not really be more Londonian, in its best incarnation possible. And young Matlok Bennett-Jones is not the only only one to be bad in this!

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