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Pass pass

For those who have a strong stomach, here are the first two parts of the recent full length of Pass ~ Port "Kitsch". It concerns first of all Jason Rainbird, a pure brute, without fears, without limits amateur of speed and adrenaline. In short, a very very good appetizer, perfect for introducing the flexible and controlled style of the young Matlok Bennett-Jones. After such an introduction, difficult not to make sure to see the rest of this beautiful video.

Young Britain

After a really well noticed appearance in the last episode of the Atlantic Drift saga, it was necessary to see the Joyful face of the young British Matlok Bennett-Jones. This is his part in the amazing full-length video "Afterbang" filmed by James Cruickshank between 2013 and 2017 that is unveiled to everyone. We find the usual contagious energy of the young in question coupled with this fluid and even "slippery" style that makes him a very interesting member of the Pass-Port team.

Way over there…

When one thinks about Australia, the two names that first pop in mind are Sydney and Melbourne… Which could be described as a grain of sand in a rather vast local desert. In order to celebrate their new collab' with Carhartt, the Pass-Port super locals  decided to leave the beaten paths and head over the middle of nowhere, which left them a few options… And, yes, they did go to the least populated area of the country / continent: the Northern Territories, mostly know for that one big red rock thingy: Uluru. And trust them for making the most of the rather arid area! This is the perfect quick-start for your week, and a little waring before more tomorrow, and an event in Paris on Wednesday, if you are in town!


The Pass-port heads in New York… Where do we sign? Yep, they came through big time, proof that those Australians did not spend their whole stay at the coolest watering holes of Wiliamsburg!

Augustin's tip!

"La première line de Matlok est foolek!" According to out Google Trad', it seems to mean he's BAD, as in good… Well, you get it! Jokes aside, a real good edit, in its form and also the featured skating, that could not really be more Londonian, in its best incarnation possible. And young Matlok Bennett-Jones is not the only only one to be bad in this!

Freezing live in Berlin!

Berlin is not known for its mild weather, but more for its extremes… And our Grey colleagues decided to take the opposite of the Pop Live in Berlin route, by heading out there in January, skating between dirty frozen snowdrift! For two days only… But, with such fellows as Lintell and Bennett-Jones, no worries: ripping there was!

#International Harry Lintell Day

Now, that Lintell fellow seems to be on a rampage, doesn't he!? And he proves here to be immune to the cold and humidity of Great Britain's seaside in the heart of the winter… His traveling buddies are not too bad either at fighting both dismantled pavement and freezing winds!


The Grey Skate Mag colleagues just put out their newest production, a James Cruickshank work, based around the local Converse team, and therefore allow us to discover a few new faces –including Mike Arnold and his light but powerful foot work– while confirming our interest for Jerome Campbell or Harry Lintell. Add the good homie Dom Henry, and you're in for great, great stuff!

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