Julien Bénoliel Invitational / galerie

Text and photos: Vincent Coupeau

The Marseille festival This Is (Not) Music smartly gave to the city most beloved local, Julien Bénoliel, the task to build a bowl, and then organize a contest there. Now that’s the kind of ideas that should happen every months, and that would make French skateboarding a lot more fun!
Anyway, in the end, the bowl was a real pool: tight, not too high, but so much fun to skate! Mister Bénoliel, I tip you my hat! And to whoever that was reluctant to come, or whining about how “you cant’ skate it!”, well, may the following photos be a slap in your face…
Let’s just say that I’m still not sure that Jake Collins ever saw there was a death box in the right corner, seeing all the tricks he nailed there. I would also thank the construction crew for adding banisters around, that allowed good old Fernando Bramsmark to stuck a pivot up there! And the locals Guillaume Mocquin and Medhi Salah gave us a full show, with a little help from the almost Parisian Romain Covolan, that never miss that kind of events. Jarne Verbruggen and Karsten Klappen (Best Trick winners) did it with plenty of style, while Julien proved once and for all that he’s just the best, home or not!

The spot will be skatable till the end of This Is (not) Music, have a go!

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