Jarne Verbruggen

Belgium Yoga?

How about we use the holidays to expand our horizons a bit? OK, OK, we will start slowly, with a jump over a rather flat frontier to visit out friends from Belgium with the right mix of familiar faces and definitely unpronounceable names… All good stuff, nonetheless!


How do kids say these days, again? "Pro as Fuck"? Oh, wait, it says "European Pro", here… Undoubtedly one of the most explosive skaters around these pas years!

Jacob Fucking Harris!

Be warned, this is a small masterpiece! Jake Harris is back with an edit that should stand the test of time, and for good reasons only… Sure, all Isle is here, and the guest are also top notch… But, mainly, the filmmaking talents of Jacob reach here a new level…

Charles' tip: Jarne & Jacopo!

"Jarne and that Jacopo dude, only really, really great stuff!" Well, duh!


Now the first video project of Phil Zwisjen (who has been keeping himself busy behind the camera while hurt) can be seen without a code! And if you should know one thing about it, it is that he did a hell of a job, and considering his local scene, this is raw and fun skating, on spots that are more than raw! So, do not miss this… Hell, there is even a Hans Claessens featuring, now talk about a hero!

Pop in translation

Even after spending a week in Berlin with the Pop Trading Company heads, impossible to translate you what Willem van Dijk might say, but rest assured it is something slightly pissed off yet really funny! Another thing that put a smile on our face is that Noah Bunink still represents #popliveinberlin!

All Star

Just with the names appearing on the screen, you'd be convinced, but the crew did not only cruise around in that camping-car, trust us! This is heavy, in the best way possible, and the greatest spirit!

Summer vibes

It's contagious: you can already see yourself sitting poolside in between sessions, waiting for the night cool air to hit the streets again… Ah, summer… Well, our destination might be less exotic, but who knows? What have you planned?

sweat and blood

Let's be frank, as Paris is under some tropical rain of sorts, it is quite nice to watch the gang complain about the heat, but still rip some super colorful spots, that make our own city look even more grey than it is…


We can't say no to a trip that leaves the classic destinations far off, and if the whole thing reminds us all of the often under estimated talent of Korahn Gayle, a true son of Liverpool skateboarding, all bases are covered!

Coping life

Vincent Coupeau had done a photo galerie of it exclusively for Live, and here is the video recap of it by Boris Proust! The bowl is only supposed to last the time of This Is (not) Music, so go test it out soon

Julien Bénoliel Invitational / galerie

Julien Bénoliel built it, and they all came to destroy it! An exclusive report for Live Skateboard Media…

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