Julien Bénoliel


Julien Bénoliel and Jérémie Grynblat go on the trip of their life, or of this year, at least, in search of the perfect transition, in the other country of skateboarding: Brasil! All under the sharp eye of David Couliau!


Casper Brooker and Max Geronzi? We're all for it! Now, send them skate spots we don't see enough of, and we can only say: yes!

Coping life

Vincent Coupeau had done a photo galerie of it exclusively for Live, and here is the video recap of it by Boris Proust! The bowl is only supposed to last the time of This Is (not) Music, so go test it out soon

Julien Bénoliel Invitational / galerie

Julien Bénoliel built it, and they all came to destroy it! An exclusive report for Live Skateboard Media…

Meeting… Romain Covolan!

Somewhere deep in Paris suburbs lies a concrete garden representing "Oregon spirit", somehow, and Romain is its ambassador!

Fearless Oscar !

Let's use this new episode of the Tour Sans Fin, to wish a quick recovery to Oscar Candon, as it seems he hurt himself quite badly last night… Then again, when you skate like that, it's meant to happen!

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