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What’s a city? Its people, we say… More than its architectural specifics or urban furniture. Because they are making the doing and undoing, the everyday life of the city, and pumps in and out the blood into its streets.
This is why, when came the idea to shoot a snapshot of Paris in its Now, we all looked at Augustin Giovannoni, because he knows everybody, because he is everywhere at the same time, and because he always knows what is up. He is skateboarding in Paris. And it has been true since we launched LIVE –and even before that– despite his young age. Here lies his very own take on his city, one that belongs as much to its locals as its visitors. He’s crossed paths with them all, during a year, and here is what he made of it all.
A report supported by Nike SB, illuminated by Alexis Jamet’s animations and put in music by Matias Elichabehere, through a custom fit new track.

They blew it … Again

Tor Ström, or vxtaosen, more or less the current Polar filmer worked very well in early autumn to deliver us KBH MIXEN. With at the casting, of course a good part of the polar team, Hugo Boserup who’s still a big fan of high speed, and a lot of Scandinavian locals. But especially a very well deserved part for a Ville Wester ready to commit on anything and everything as long as there is a little bit of challenge. In short a huge dose of adrenaline, we even have a small appearance of Kyle Wilson.

Daan alert!

So, it is official! The most antihero of all our Northerner neighbors (and lord knows there is quite a heavy competition over there, when it comes to that category!) has joined the Swoosh, and a lot of his buddies in order to soak in a bit of sun, and annihilate some spots in the meantime on a small Spanish island… Yep, he kills!


Well, if these few days spent in Australia on only scary transitions don't make you "forget" to put underwear on, just so you can pretend to be a little like Greyson Fletcher on the mini-ramp with too much flat bottom this week-end, well, it's official, you have no soul…

Mécanique du coping

This new Phil Evans production should take us to Malmo, the European –or should we say World?– capitol of a certain vision of skateboarding, teaming generations and "styles of skating" behind the flag of a man named Pontus, form what we have heard… Can't wait to see the full length!

Julien Bénoliel Invitational / galerie

Julien Bénoliel built it, and they all came to destroy it! An exclusive report for Live Skateboard Media…

Live Skateboard MediaLive Skateboard Media

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