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Collapse Alert!

New year equates new horizons for the skateboarding industry or, at least, the logical perspective of managing ways to do better than the year prior in order to remain viable. The skateboarders themselves benefit from such - otherwise foreign - competitive considerations under the form of the various media getting generated to serve as those enterprises' respective marketing plans: amongst others, streams of Instagram clips, YouTube edits and even the occasional, always precious full-length video, all consisting in improbable performances intended to be convincing commercials thereby essentially making for a wide palette of styles on display for one to pick and choose from for consumption and even (we swear!) appreciation. A classic U.S. business model which has long been the standard, inciting local companies and brands worldwide to follow the same fashion of defining and proving themselves and that's just where things get interesting: in a digital age, the Internet gets to shine as an exotic, online menu of tries (some of them converted) all originating from a rich diversity of geographical locations, ensuring that we never run out of local shenanigans to get curious about.

This time, it is the French brand Collapse Skateboards that is dropping this aptly-named "Promo" featuring Matt Débauché, Hugo Westrelin, Romain Covolan, Gaëtan Decellier and George Poole, who recently turned pro for Collapse and gets curtains.

DIY DIG / La Cave

If you pronounce the always dreaded DIY acronym in France (it is virtually unpronounceable to most native tonguers), the name of Jo Dezecot will quickly become part of the conversation… Notably for the ten years his Cléré-les-Pins spot lasted! Last year, he decided to take it easy and retreat to the countryside where he could locate his whole family under a safe and quiet roof. Until he realized the house did come with a cave! Guess what happened!? Yep… Here is the second episode of our #vansdiydig series, and what should be a kick in the nuts for all of us, in order to get us started on doing something. What have you planned for the week-end, again?

Thanks again to Vans for their kind support on this project. And if you want to give a hand, you can, here!


Let's put you in the mood for the second episode of our DIY DIG series, starring the soon to be famous Jo Dezecot's cave, by presenting you a GALERIE of photos both documenting (in black and white) the building by Nicolas Boutin, and the very first group session (in color) by Vincent Coupeau. Because, when it comes to doing it yourself, it is as much about the skating than it is about the common effort that takes you there…

Thanks again to Vans for their kind support, on this project.

Deuxième vague!

All Paris, and De Paris in four edits from local film makers, with a bunch of interludes, and the follow-up to Jeux d'Ombres already presented on Live? Can't say no!

Arizona Dream

Anthony Boudard and Romain Covolan in a desert of abandoned pools and other "natural" beauties, under the sharp eye of David Couliau: this new episode of the Lumia Pureviews series sounded promising! Well, the kids didn't go there to mess around (sadly, it is impossible to translate Romain's expression about spreading butter on bread…), and this should give you the hitch to get on the road that leads to some of the mythical spots that are part of the sk8terboy collective unconscious…

Covoland / Premiere

We have told you about Romain Covolan and his (black) magic garden, plus his inability to stay still… Well, he decided to film a full part "at home", with his friend Yves Fraweel, who took upon himself to add his personal illustrating skills to it. The final result is a ankle –and more– breaking tranny galore, and also a well sketched portrait of the tweaked mind behind the garden that needs the less mowing in all suburbs of Paris… All exclusively on Live, thanks to Romain and Yves!

Coping life

Vincent Coupeau had done a photo galerie of it exclusively for Live, and here is the video recap of it by Boris Proust! The bowl is only supposed to last the time of This Is (not) Music, so go test it out soon

Julien Bénoliel Invitational / galerie

Julien Bénoliel built it, and they all came to destroy it! An exclusive report for Live Skateboard Media…

Meeting… Romain Covolan!

Somewhere deep in Paris suburbs lies a concrete garden representing "Oregon spirit", somehow, and Romain is its ambassador!

Converse in Paris

Paris, we all know it sucks for skating… Oh, wait! Proof of the contrary with this sick edit of the French Converse team, done to compliment a special issue of À Propos magazine ! Good stuff!

Breathless / part 2

The DVD is now available, and its director, Arthur Bourdaud explains us the up and downs of this independent project, arising from the Nantes scene.

Breathless / part one

We already talked to you about this independent project and its premieres, but to celebrate the actual DVD release, Arthur Bourdaud offered us not one, but two, exclusive montages!

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