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We already warned you whilst presenting "SUGUS": "GRRRND ZERO" is the new project by Julien Paccard, already the author of "COLOR FOOLS" which LIVE broadcasted half a decade ago, no less. Now, we're talking about an audiovisual production in the most literal sense of the term as in addition to the skate footage, the soundtrack is also home-made by Tommy Buder, and the multimedia aspect of the whole deal also takes a new dimension in how the focus is over the patient documentation of the textures skateboarders use and abuse, over an emphasis on individual prowess with little room for context. In every clip (because yes, this is a series), everybody just skates together - with the type of surface glided over as one common denominator.

Today, we're featuring "ROCK", the clip with an emphasis on, well, stone textures. In between many a performer, the wisest of watchers will instantly recognize Dino Coce, whose part in "TABULA RASA" LIVE presented here a few weeks back - DVD's are still available - beanplanting around Berlin. But Julien has been dropping some others too - respectively dedicated to mosaicwood and marble spots - and is about to release more on his personal website, daily, throughout this whole week. So keep your eyes peeled!

Julien Paccard' tip: Paul Anguenot!

Beware, Mister Pink is back! Yes, the Swiss skater that had picked the most difficult color of the whole Color Fools project comes back here with a day spent in what looks like his native country mountains… A chance for Julien to fill us in on Paul: "I give him all my old boards, he always has the worst set-ups. So, you'll see a lot of blue in here, but yes, it is the character you recognize to his non-tricks. I believe he is the craziest skater of Switzerland, in a good way…"

Color Fools / Pink Fool / Paul Anguenot

Do you even know about one pink spot!? This fifth part from the Color Fools project sounded like a nightmare to make happen, but it seems like Julien Paccard had found the ideal candidate for it: "When I proposed the pink part to Paul, I only had met him a couple hours prior. You only need to watch him skate for a few minutes to realize there is something wrong with him! He is studying architecture and, frankly, I'm worried his future constructions might be as odd as his tricks! His head is somewhere else, but his feet are sure on his board…"

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