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Meeting... Medium Skate Mag!

Just as certain popular insecurities regarding the future of print media happen to be the hottest topic, some people such as Will Jivcoff (former Kingshit managing editor) and Love Skateboards' Joel Watamaniuk instead choose to leap head first into enterprises such Medium Skate Mag, the second issue of which they're launching just now, alongside this accompanying edit of their recent parisian adventures.

All love…

The homies at Love skateboards are pumped and are announcing a new site, for now, as well as new video for November, from the capable hands of Rob Mentov and Street Feet. Yep, only good news from Canada today, and new blood, on top of it!

For the love…

Ah, Kitchener, small Canadian town, its spots you've never seen before, its gravely parking lots, and despite all that, its motivated scene! The guys from Love skateboards remind us that it is not necessary to live two blocks away from "reference spots" to enjoy yourself, and also "do stuff". Add a few trips to Detroit and Toronto, and you got your dose of positive abrasion, here!

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