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New Vision

"New Vision" is a new VX-1000 piece conceived by the mind of Joel Watamaniuk whose creative impulses were neither discouraged by the disappearance of Love Skateboards, nor hindered by his work on Medium Skate Mag. For a full interview, please see here! Anyway, those fresh two minutes serve as a testimony to Tamas Katona, Drew Martin, Eric Wiltshire and Jordan King's styles and stunts, documented over the course of two months in Kitchener, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan.

Mexican Medium

Medium Skate Mag - remember - we already introduced its two co-founders Will Jivcoff and Joel Watamaniuk to you a while back, around the time of their enterprise's earliest steps. Well close to two years later already, and despite Love Skateboards unfortunately being out of the equation by now, Medium looks like it's still going strong, still deeply rooted in Toronto but also now demonstrating the energy to export itself on the occasional skate vacation, which is just what they did here for "Jungle" - a new clip by Joel (still very much the VX-1000 fan) filmed in Mexico City, featuring skateboarding by Daniel Ravenal, Diego Brown, Felipe BartolomeJohnny PurcellScott BalkwillSkylar Kehr and Ty Beall. Everybody hucked their carcasses down some quite a few unfamiliar spots that look just as rugged as exotic. Check out the Medium website for more info!

Meeting... Medium Skate Mag!

Just as certain popular insecurities regarding the future of print media happen to be the hottest topic, some people such as Will Jivcoff (former Kingshit managing editor) and Love Skateboards' Joel Watamaniuk instead choose to leap head first into enterprises such Medium Skate Mag, the second issue of which they're launching just now, alongside this accompanying edit of their recent parisian adventures.


You know the Street Feet folks, and their Canadian homies at Love, they are the kind to explore. Mainly their surroundings, but whenever they can, as far away as possible… Well, this time, they aimed for the other side of the planet, and not necessarily the most skate friendly. Because if Asia is quite a beloved destination for globe-trotting skaters, it only is for a few marble wonders that were not on the menu, this time. They took on visiting the local scene of countries like India, Manyar or Cambodia, nonetheless. Brace yourself, this is not a tour they are showing us here, it's a trip!

For the love…

Ah, Kitchener, small Canadian town, its spots you've never seen before, its gravely parking lots, and despite all that, its motivated scene! The guys from Love skateboards remind us that it is not necessary to live two blocks away from "reference spots" to enjoy yourself, and also "do stuff". Add a few trips to Detroit and Toronto, and you got your dose of positive abrasion, here!

"Upstate Lovers" / PREMIERE

The Canadians of Love skateboards recently crossed the border to visit what is known as Upstate New York… Who, I can hear you asking? Well, just know that this small brand, looking more like a little family, counts Rob Mentov amongst its members, which can only be viewed as a good sign and proof of good taste! So, here you go, enjoy the visual documentation of the week-end road trip as a Live exclusive for the day!

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