Kelly Hart

Wade alert!

ÉS reveals a new model, the ACCEL Plus Everstitch. Beyond the complicated name of the model, they called Wade DesarmoKelly Hart and Tom Asta to test the shoe. And you can imagine that when you film at night in the streets of Los Angles with these three guys, the final result gets nice.


Bang, bang!

Now, take that! We all knew Walker Ryan was the talented kind, but his part in Sabotage 4 is the sweet mix of that can skateboarding exciting when done by someone else than yourself! Classic spots, even rinced ones, impossibly rugged ones, explosive technique and a capacity to produce lines that consists of more than two tricks in a raw, including one on flat… If you don't get the spark after watching this, you might consider taking a break!

Sal's back!

Kids, beware! You might not get it all, but this is the reason you should be seeing "used to" skaters asking for the éS shoes rack at your shop real soon! Sal Barbier was a street skating innovator, well beyond the tricks… Do your homeworks! Oh, that Kelly Hart trick, though…

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