Walker Ryan


John Lupfer can finally boast of having is own pro model for Stereo. “Pure skateboarding, pure fun, and always smiling” is how Jason Lee describes him, and we can only agree with it seeing this part filmed for the occasion.

Bang, bang!

Now, take that! We all knew Walker Ryan was the talented kind, but his part in Sabotage 4 is the sweet mix of that can skateboarding exciting when done by someone else than yourself! Classic spots, even rinced ones, impossibly rugged ones, explosive technique and a capacity to produce lines that consists of more than two tricks in a raw, including one on flat… If you don't get the spark after watching this, you might consider taking a break!

The road!

If one thing is sure, they do pretend to hit it! Beyond that, one could question the actual purpose, but this is more of a philosophical debate…

Pepper alert!

Thanks to hi-tech tools, our crew is instantly notified whenever appears on the interweb the one known as The Classiest Man in the World, AKA Joey Pepper… Yes, it did cost us an arm in fragile technology, but god was it worth it! Proof here with this trip around New-Zealand, far off destination if there is one, that really makes you want to find a tiny spot in the back of van to tag along… Monsieur Pepper reminds us all his ability to destroy all, while always giving the impression he hasn't broke a sweat doing it.

Around the world in 80 tricks

Well, nope, we didn't really count them… On the other hand, he has more or less gone around that world of ours, Walker Ryan, for this part, and has done it well! Not just to get a couple hammers with a nice background. Some insane spots, far from perfect, used the way he does it, do make up for the perfect Chinese plazas that are starting to lose their exoticism…


Up to date…

If even TWS gets on the "remixed with good ol' rap" thing… Shit talking aside, Walker Ryan has many a gems in there, some that you could even miss out on, like the manual to manual at Pappalardo's spot, which is indeed a crazy one.



Before benjamin coming back from Kinshasa with plenty of news Live Exclusive, here is what our expert Charles has selected for you this week end : a very balanced and full of wheelie Organika mix tape video featuring especially Walker Ryan and Josh Anderson.

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