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"DORKZONE 2: LE BOXX" is a new trippy montage by Dr. Phil Evans (already interviewed here) based around illustrations by Mike O'Shea, produced by Nils Svensson for the notorious skate school in Malmö, Sweden: Bryggeriet. Now, the luckiest of you might remember its premiere at the latest edition of Vladimir, and some might even remember the first "DORKZONE" (that the crew also just dropped online); this rather experimental piece remains funny and beautifully crafted regardless, and it might tickle your urges of pouring concrete and finding almost-spots, too!

"LE BOXX" is also the name of the latest skate café in Malmö and, as of recently, the whole Dorkzone universe is available under the form of material products one can already peep here.

The vibe of skating rocks

You're in from a big serving of fresh air, Norvegian fresh air, to top… Actually maybe even mountain air! Courtesy of our favorite Swedish brothers duo!

Charles' tip: "Mortensen & Mortensen"

"Never the last ones to remind us that even that weird thing at the gas station, well, you still got to skate it!"

Free parking

Meanwhile, way up North, underground, or at least under a roof…

Sondre & Amandus

Those two have it all figured out! Your Sunday evening "feel good movie", for sure…

Charles' tip: Amandus Mortensen!

"This is full of great ideas, and he manages to make us believe none of this is precarious at all! The Scandinavian touch, I say!" Wow, today is a great day for skate clips… Do NOT miss this either!

Charles' tip: Amandus Mortensen

"His gloves are most likely out of necessity, and that reminds us that winter will come back one day. It also appears that you must NOT ollie into your crooks anymore… Seems like the new rule for them."

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