Andrea Colzani

Italian tech

Well, just as we were speaking of the return of the ledge game… Here is the perfect exemple! Raised at Milano Centrale, and it shows… Let's add a potential for well thought manuals, and a nice ability to mix both in good taste, and we can only say "bravo, signor Colzani!"

Italo disco

Hard to believe the Milano Centrale would ever get bored at home, but when it is the case, the Chef Family crew always have a good idea of a destination, to get refreshed! Here, they head over to the beach, and mainly the spots of Pescara. And looks like everybody had a great time!

Roma, open city!

The Chef Family, you know those guys: they were recently hosting Léo Valls, Josh Roberts and Seb Daurel at home in Milan! Well, here they are heading toward Roma to visit their locals colleagues… Where we discovered that the antique city counts way more –but seriously a lot way more– spots then the the three we've told about all those years. Someone lied to us all!?

Milano Centrale / PREMIERE

"Milano Centrale", now that name sounds familiar: yes, we are talking about the Italian city main train station, and mostly, mostly its marble ledges, and it rather smooth grounds… A now rare survivor of the 90's and 00's, made famous by various hammers sprinkled through the most celebrated videos of the past two decades. Nowadays a bit neglected in favor of Chinese marble, the plaza is still alive, via its locals, off course, the infamous Chef Family. And Léo Valls, coming back from a recent Magenta visit to the Italian cousins, would be in the known. Enough to plan getting back there with Australian homie, Josh Roberts, to film an edit glorifying the best idea skateboarding has to plant into your brain: get out there to see if there are new friends to make and old ones to visit! A new LIVE production, supported by Adidas Skateboarding.

The Business District / Premiere

Coming from Milan, this project is another one of a kind, courtesy of Gianluca Miotto and Chef Family… A new area of the city, and a few stipulations: get ready for a good time!


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