Greyson Fletcher

Mountain climbing

Over a certain altitude, you do need to restrain your movements, don't you?

Morning waves

According to our very limited knowledge of the whole subject, you can count the "real surfers" very early in the morning, at a time when very few have a car parked in front of the ocean, and are in the water, trying to catch a couple waves, before heading to work… Those two lines of Greyson Fletcher should give you the urge to roll over deserted transitions, at dawn, to kick start your day! One might doubt Greyson went to clock in at the factory after that, though…


Well, if these few days spent in Australia on only scary transitions don't make you "forget" to put underwear on, just so you can pretend to be a little like Greyson Fletcher on the mini-ramp with too much flat bottom this week-end, well, it's official, you have no soul…


You can brainstorm the tricks you want to film for months, work on the edit to the perfect track for nights and finally show what you have to say with your board… Or, you can show up at the spot you never rode before, and just cruise it. For info, FDR is one of those DIY spots that keeps even the locals on their toes, and Greyson Fletcher is one sick skateboarder. Period.

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