Jake Church

Evil Pansies

Well... It's nothing new, the guys from London are diabolically good. What's even crazier is that they've found a filmer that really suits them. With this somewhat messy aspect, Grant Dawson manages to create a truly unique atmosphere, almost a bit disturbing. Which however like previously in “diary of a” serves the video very well and makes it much more interesting.

Dear Diary,

Finally some news from the Yardsale guys, it's crazy how it is a pleasure to see Curtis Pearl or Sam Sitayeb. We thank Grant Dawson for "Diary of a", filmed entirely London with the best of the London’s castings. The result is as beautiful as crazy, they skate anything and everything from a giant can to the beautiful Southbanks. We will put Julian Kimura as MVP which is here more impressive than ever. A special mention is also made for the beer rescue performed by Jake Church with an extraordinary cold blood. 


For about two years, now, the London heads of Yardsale have been doing their own thing, with their very own esthetic and quite the crew of young men to represent in the streets… This new opus is in the direct line they have been following, from the trips to visit the American brother, and before all, to the relentless exploration of about every dark corner of their capitol. Yep, the new generation at his best!


Nope, this is no Eurostar advertising, but a healthy dose of all we dig, brought to you by one infamous Parisian apartment, and their Londoner counterparts… And, the skating is fast, it's always better!

Youth of Today

They weird, the kids, nowadays! And it is a great thing, let's be clear… Proof here, with images in motion, an edit coming from London, and a trip to the new generation psyche, sort of. Old men, hold on for dear life!

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