Darius Trabalza


An almost nostalgic look at simpler times when the only crucial questions were "Are you on the ist for tonight's Fashion Week party!?" and "Is it dry yet!?"… Yes, it was winter in Paris, but life was lighter, most notably for the Pop collega's! That even had a few new heads with them to introduce to the world…

Moscow Drift

The Atlantic Drift saga now lives onto its tenth chapter with this new installment in which Moscow turns out to be the playing fields. The featured skateboarders make for quite the all-star roster as the project's timeline is shared by the resourceful, varied likes of Chris Jones, Max Palmer, Nick Jensen or Nik Stain; although, the true M.V.P. here has to be the seemingly invincible Tom Knox whose skating really proves to display a savant reading of the urban architecture, absurdly well-refined technical sorcery even in environments so unpractical they become straight up hostile, and finesse as the capital cherry atop of the cake.

Behind the lens and in the editing room: again Jacob Harris, one of the most important skate videographers of the last decade ("Eleventh Hour", "Vase"). What can go wrong?


We already knew that Adidas and London work pretty well together. But it turns out that this year our Great Britain’s neighbors have been in great shape. Mostly filmed in Southbank and its surroundings, “vortex” obviously blows our minds, with among others, a good part dedicated to the powerful Darius Trabalza. But especially once the spot has been well returned, Glen Fox arrives as the icing on the cake, fast, technical, bouncing, just to remind us how well he mastered the subject.

Tough love

Right from the beginning, you are in for what you dig: howling ass lines… Then, again, considering their passion for any piece of urban furniture made of bricks, at Yardsale, they don't have much of a choice, when it comes to push hard! Let's also note an interesting soundtrack that ask the only question that matters on the eve of a new year: could Yacht Rock be the new Skate Rock of tomorrow!?

Brady alert!

Skateshops are also measured on their team, and Slam's is no joke! Proof here with notably a Danny Brady that shows that his Palace TM hours are mostly spent in London streets…


For about two years, now, the London heads of Yardsale have been doing their own thing, with their very own esthetic and quite the crew of young men to represent in the streets… This new opus is in the direct line they have been following, from the trips to visit the American brother, and before all, to the relentless exploration of about every dark corner of their capitol. Yep, the new generation at his best!

Pinto Alert!

Some extras of Luka Pinto from the Lightbox series? We'll take that! Plus that fs slappy by Darius is some ill stuff!

Youth of Today

They weird, the kids, nowadays! And it is a great thing, let's be clear… Proof here, with images in motion, an edit coming from London, and a trip to the new generation psyche, sort of. Old men, hold on for dear life!

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