Wouter de Jong

Late Christmas

As if to celebrate the end of the year, Marc Bolhuis filmer based in Rotterdam offers us Boombap the full length of the kids from the local scene. Filmed over 5 years, you have probably already seen some parts like the of Bombaklats’ one, or Yannick Witvoet’s. And frankly it's a nice late Christmas present, a very complete video, from street tech to creative powerslides. In short it announces only good things for the Dutch scene in 2019!

Next stop…

Our four wheeled Dutchmen keep on training around Europe and give us here a good –despite being sunnier and warmer– follow-up to yesterday post, with a stop in Budapest!

Next stop…

Last summer, the Dutch heads of Skatestore took the road, well, a bunch of trains actually: a great classic of your Europe touring with the homies, and the result is fairly close to what your experience would be… This first episode is a nice surprise, full of good skating, good vibes, while staying away from the lifestyle clichés. A nice dose of past summers and the ones to come!

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