Nassim Guammaz

Woop, woop!

It's a kind of magic, that Jaakko guy got, right!???

Late Christmas

As if to celebrate the end of the year, Marc Bolhuis filmer based in Rotterdam offers us Boombap the full length of the kids from the local scene. Filmed over 5 years, you have probably already seen some parts like the of Bombaklats’ one, or Yannick Witvoet’s. And frankly it's a nice late Christmas present, a very complete video, from street tech to creative powerslides. In short it announces only good things for the Dutch scene in 2019!


How do kids say these days, again? "Pro as Fuck"? Oh, wait, it says "European Pro", here… Undoubtedly one of the most explosive skaters around these pas years!

Charles' tip: Jarne & Jacopo!

"Jarne and that Jacopo dude, only really, really great stuff!" Well, duh!

A Warm Berlin

As the German capitol is setting into winter, like the rest of Europe, this edit reminds us what the long hot days of summer there can feel like… The whole thing is spiced up by Bastien Duverdier's musical talents, but also his uncanny ability for the surprising trick, or even the impossible spot!


His latest parts only showing him floating over large sums of stairs in slow motion and through a so-called epic soundtrack, we ended up forgetting that Nassim Guammaz was capable of way more than that! End of the day, seeing him skating the bricks spots of his Dutch home for a local video, and negotiating really good lines, might have way more impact on us than sending him all the way to China to skate all sorts of chasms, don't you think? That, and whoever chooses his shoes colors according to the spot he's going to skate can only get extra street cred'!

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