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Eliott Lockwood is another of those underground VX-1000 adepts and, just recently, he gifted the Internets with "SPACKLE", a tasteful edit of urban skateboarding filmed almost exclusively in San Francisco, featuring quite the crew of homies - including Trevor Murphy and Wes Allen, themselves already behind "SALVAGE TITLE" and "$3.29" (LIVE even interviewed Wes, here). The ensuing eight minutes should more than quench your thirst for downhills and quirky spots set to a quality soundtrack, and paired up with impeccable filming, editing and hand-made titles all reminiscent of Josh Stewart's classic "STATIC" series; everybody's style is looking on point, and Wes even delivers two back-to-back creative bangers. For whatever's next, one can subscribe to Eliott's YouTube channel, freshly inaugurated, here!

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