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One of the perks of LIVE Skateboard Media is the opportunity to collaborate, curate and present the works of many underground artists with blossoming talent, and a common bond to one activity that in turn influenced lifetimes of stories to tell. Here we are very proud to showcase a new, amazing full-length video from Croatia: "Brothers", by Nino Jurlina, who also runs Simple Skateboards, a humble one-man operation with barely a Facebook page (but with a steady feed of videos on Mondays). Nino's whole enterprise really qualifies as an independent effort, quietly nurtured by hand, and with a certain appreciation for the tangible, the physical - sensible life in short; driven by his perception of his passion, the man has been a figure of the underground Croatian scene for quite a while. "Brothers" reflects just that and as such, is a beautiful piece the kind of which justifies the activity of skate media altogether. But before or after you dive head first into it, please take a look below as we jumped on the opportunity to catch up with Nino, and chit chat about his general direction!

Real street styling?

If one accepts the principle that a basic definition of street skating is the use of your environment, well, yep, Zoe Miloš is on to something close to "real", despite being geographically located, by fate, somewhere in Croatia, and therefore quite away from MACBA or République. Nonetheless, this young man is perfect in his reappropriation of urban furniture, even when it is the furthest possible from marble smooth. Do yourself a favor, and click!

And you are still in doubt, for lack of a famous Insta handle, ponder that this opening part for Nikola Racan Solsticij full length also announces Zoe getting anointed by  Palomino. "Real recognize real", as they say! You can also find out more abot Zoe, via Grey skate mag that released this part.


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