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Puleo paella

To each generation its Bobby; yet, if the younguns will logically be prone to promptly chant last names such as Worrest or De Keyzer, the true O.G.'s know that the real pioneer is Puleo.

Bobby Puleo's ways of deciphering spots that clearly weren't visible to most before made him one of the most innovative skateboarders of his time; paired up with his smooth, savant and accurate style, his general interpretation of the urban space ended up influencing the common practice of street skateboarding altogether so much, Bobby himself used to sound like he almost regretted certain side effects of his own impact. Oh, and back when still pictures still carried their entire weight, Bobby could regularly be seen on some of the most mind-blowing ones...

"Greatest Misses" is a project he's been working on (on and off) for a while so considerable that practically everybody had given up on expecting to ever get to see it at this point. And that's precisely the point Bobby picked to casually drop his own video part - a remix of his footage from the Static series, intertwined with new clips aplenty - from this long-awaited, never-before-seen yet already classic video. At summer's dawn, nobody's going to complain; even the soundtrack is bound to make your body move, in spite of all possible excuse of a hundred degree weather.

Bobby is a VicTim on Instagram so much, he just started another feed for his art, here.

And as a bonus, here's a throwback to his prior video part, also blindly (really, now?...) self-published on YouTube some years ago and still worth its weight in gold: "V5".

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