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At the drive-in

Picture Show Studios is the new deck company recently initiated alongside Theories for your soft goods-related needs by Josh Stewart - the man behind the "STATIC" videos - and his friends (of Theories Of Altantis, the N.Y.C.-based independent skate distribution platform - can you still keep up?). The enterprise bears the strength of supporting names that otherwise regularly fly under the mainstream radar, such as the ones of Taylor Nawrocki or John Baragwanath - something the two minutes of VX-1000 footage accompanying its public reveal only bears witness of! Special mention for John's apparent ease on that ollie up, then nollie backside heelflip down applied at quite the unpractical spot for this type of maneuver.

Into The Sun

This Monday's delight is courtesy of no other than Josh Stewart, who should no longer need an introduction (and LIVE has arguably done its share to spread the knowledge, too!), but always seems to surprise and here, it's under the form of a new Hopps edit that he's doing it. In fact, Jahmal Williams's brand just welcomed some new ams and thus, quite logically, this new piece features such heads as Joseph Delgado or Elijah Cole coherently intertwined with footage of, say, Mark Del Negro, Dustin Eggeling, Steve Brandi and even Jahmal himself, still out there and going strong from the looks of it!

Stay Static

Today, it's Josh Stewart and his fellow Theories of Atlantis Illuminati's turn to help fix the world's craving for street action via the high-quality (on all terms) upload of the New Jersey section from the indie cult classic "STATIC III", featuring two legends as the state's ambassadors: Mark Wetzel (also interviewed on LIVE a few eons back regarding his segment in the Traffic video "LOOK LEFT", here) and Steve Durante.

On a side note, now's probably the best time to (re-)discover "LOOK LEFT" in full (the recommended portion for your health), here!

Full Traffic

We've already done our best to warn you about the gem that is the latest Traffic video (if one somehow doesn't count their recent Japan trip as canon), "Look Left"; a while back, we even went as far as interviewing Mark Wetzel and Joe Yates for your reading pleasure - and also to try and provide a window into the culture surrounding an authentic company that is deeply anchored in the history of street skateboarding. Well now, the whole piece is finally online, thanks to the homies at Theories, the distro and collective led by Josh Stewart - who's also the filmmaker here. Don't slip and forget to catch a glimpse of the recap of Josh's recent exhibition at Vladimir, retracing the twenty past years the man has spent working on his own series of independent skate videos, the classic "Static", before you go!


Vladimir - for the obscure.

The black sheep has only been developing exponentially over its now nine years of existence, and so has been the attention it's received with, this year, an approximation of three hundred people showing up from the whole planet over to attend this local festival in Fažana, Croatia - a little Istrian port town with a loaded history, testimonies of which still stand under the form of monuments everywhere (currently ensuring a steady flow of tourism), and the sensibilities of the inhabitants.

What originally started out as a very local initiative consisting in video screenings at the local skatepark quickly outgrew that embryonic phase as its instigators, Nikola Racan (of 'Solsticij' full-length video underground fame) and the Skateboard klub August Šenoa locals grew to use modern communication tools to get further and further in touch with universally renowned skate artists and documentarists - whether in the photo or video field.

Puleo paella

To each generation its Bobby; yet, if the younguns will logically be prone to promptly chant last names such as Worrest or De Keyzer, the true O.G.'s know that the real pioneer is Puleo.

Bobby Puleo's ways of deciphering spots that clearly weren't visible to most before made him one of the most innovative skateboarders of his time; paired up with his smooth, savant and accurate style, his general interpretation of the urban space ended up influencing the common practice of street skateboarding altogether so much, Bobby himself used to sound like he almost regretted certain side effects of his own impact. Oh, and back when still pictures still carried their entire weight, Bobby could regularly be seen on some of the most mind-blowing ones...

"Greatest Misses" is a project he's been working on (on and off) for a while so considerable that practically everybody had given up on expecting to ever get to see it at this point. And that's precisely the point Bobby picked to casually drop his own video part - a remix of his footage from the Static series, intertwined with new clips aplenty - from this long-awaited, never-before-seen yet already classic video. At summer's dawn, nobody's going to complain; even the soundtrack is bound to make your body move, in spite of all possible excuse of a hundred degree weather.

Bobby is a VicTim on Instagram so much, he just started another feed for his art, here.

And as a bonus, here's a throwback to his prior video part, also blindly (really, now?...) self-published on YouTube some years ago and still worth its weight in gold: "V5".

Static State

Ben Gore recently demonstrated that he was as skilled behind a video camera as he is behind a photographic lens; now here he is again, eager to remind us all of how much he's also the boss on the other side of the lens! The proof is in the footage, in this clip in which he shares the timeline with Christian Maalouf, Kevin Coakley, Brian Powerdly and Jon N'Guyen, celebrating the release of a new collaboration line between State Footwear and Theories, Josh Stewart's labor of love. Actually, it's also Josh who's responsible for the VX and editing here, being again as proficient as he is prolific and guess what: nobody's going to complain about that!

The Low End Theory?

Looks like Josh Stewart really never sleeps! Nor does he ever slip: barely a few days after the web release of his edit illustrating the recent collaboration between Converse and Hopps (Jahmal Williams' board company), and while we're still kind of recovering from what a slap in the face it was, the author of (most notably) the underground hits that comprise the "Static" series of independent full-lengths is dropping something new again! For Lakai this time, immortalizing an affair of theirs with Theories (Josh's brand and distribution company). Are you following? Anyway, on board here: Yonnie Cruz and Vincent Alvarez, roaming the streets of N.Y.C. and L.A. like they just don't care which coast they're on. Josh edited the piece and shot all the 16mm. The production is as good as the skating, and the collab is interesting in itself - why not?

Not so static

Falling into the category of very (very) good news, Danny Renaud's part in the Static III video is finally available free thanks to our friends from Theories of Atlantis. As you know, to get this magnificent final result you need Josh Stewart at the realization. But in addition to that we have an amazing Danny Renaud making us a pure demonstration of street skating in what is the best. A mastery of an almost perfect flatground, grinds which seems impossible at first glance, tricky endless manuals, and a lot of good big gaps because otherwise the panoply is not complete. All that with a good dose of speed and a unique style, in short a real Swiss knife of skateboard. It might not look like it, but this video was released a decade ago, and has not aged a day since… Classic material.

Static power

Ben Gore’s part from Josh Stewart's notorious « Static IV » 2014 full-length (double!) epic just went live! Filmed between San Francisco and New York City by Josh Stewart, Ryan Garshell and Zach Chamberlin. Two minutes of beautiful images captured on sixteen millimeter film and mini-DV tape, speed aplenty, clean maneuvers: everything one needs in order to feel like asking for some more!


We have been discussing the Chicago case, via the Deep Dish edits, for quite a bit, now, but this time, it is the Theories colleagues that went there to see what all the fuss was about, leaded by the fearless Josh Stewart… Un-surprisingly enough, our local hero, Brett Weinstein, steals the show by demonstrating an inherent ability at tackling shitty spots, usually after getting up from harsh slams. An edit you should, and will, watch over and over through the week-end, and more!

Meeting… Josh Stewart!

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