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For this Sunday's brunch, it's one savant cocktail of savors that awaits you right now under the form of this edit by legendary N.Y.C. skate filmmaker R.B. Umali (yes, the one behind "MIXTAPE" for a golden-era Zoo York, amongst many other works). As its title suggests, we're talking a retrospective of footage collected throughout the decades and video productions, nowhere but at the mythical skate spot of Brooklyn Banks. One that just so happens to be under quite the imminent threat of destruction, by the way - a decision one can still help oppose via this petition right here. Anyway, in the silly hypothesis that such a landmark would need a video resume of sorts to certify its cultural importance to the masses, then this one would have to be it, featuring a who's who of some of the most classic East Coast styles and pretty much a compilation of the most memorable moves and moments ever spent on those bricks. Just look at that roster!


In the same timeless, classic vein as "CLOSURE", the video retrospective of Dan Wolfe's works throughout the years that LIVE also shared recently, but with a more accute emphasis on the Philadelphia and New Jersey scenes this time (with some San Francisco still thrown in the mix for good measure), and far less renowned: that is "ABSTRACT", by Vern Laird. That first video effort of his came out just in time for the beginning of the twenty-first century after having been filmed (on both a VX-1000 and a VX-3) between 1997 and 1999, and judging from the impeccable roster, Vern knew the right talents to pick: bear witness to just that, a historical section by Tim Achille (for the longest time, the only one available online), a part for Rich Adler then in developing embryo form, an insane friends section featuring all the epoch's monarchs (from Bobby Puleo to Jake Rupp without forgetting about Tony Cox, Josh Kalis and Stevie Williams - already an iconic duo, Brian Wenning, Andre Page, Pat Corcoran, A.J. Mazzu, Sergei Trudnowski, Will Harmon or even Rob Pluhowski...), accompanying footage of quite the speedy, aggressive yet original Damian Smith and of Brennan John, claiming the curtains to a Bad Brains song. Oh and Vern has his own segment, too! All for a VHS that only came in five hundred copies, and the content of which only just recently reached the shores of the Internet. Now, what a relief for the culture!

Puleo paella

To each generation its Bobby; yet, if the younguns will logically be prone to promptly chant last names such as Worrest or De Keyzer, the true O.G.'s know that the real pioneer is Puleo.

Bobby Puleo's ways of deciphering spots that clearly weren't visible to most before made him one of the most innovative skateboarders of his time; paired up with his smooth, savant and accurate style, his general interpretation of the urban space ended up influencing the common practice of street skateboarding altogether so much, Bobby himself used to sound like he almost regretted certain side effects of his own impact. Oh, and back when still pictures still carried their entire weight, Bobby could regularly be seen on some of the most mind-blowing ones...

"Greatest Misses" is a project he's been working on (on and off) for a while so considerable that practically everybody had given up on expecting to ever get to see it at this point. And that's precisely the point Bobby picked to casually drop his own video part - a remix of his footage from the Static series, intertwined with new clips aplenty - from this long-awaited, never-before-seen yet already classic video. At summer's dawn, nobody's going to complain; even the soundtrack is bound to make your body move, in spite of all possible excuse of a hundred degree weather.

Bobby is a VicTim on Instagram so much, he just started another feed for his art, here.

And as a bonus, here's a throwback to his prior video part, also blindly (really, now?...) self-published on YouTube some years ago and still worth its weight in gold: "V5".

Viva Via!

Avid LIVE Skateboard Media readers should remember the noise around the latest Traffic Skateboards (East coast pioneer Ricky Oyola's board company) full-length video release: "Look Left", as it wasn't without causing quite some waves amid the underground scene last year and we also jumped on the opportunity to interview team riders Mark Wetzel and Joe Yates. For the past few years now, Theories of Atlantis' Josh Stewart (of "Static" independent series fame) and Pat Stiener have had a hand in the image and distribution of the company, something in the name of which they just put up its first ever full-length offering from 2006: "Via", on their YouTube channel, in its entirety. Along with Josh's "Static II", that film is a true pearl of culture in that it helped shine some more light towards an East coast scene that really had never slowed down since Dan Wolfe's "Eastern Exposure" saga ten years back, or the Zoo York "Mixtape" video from a few years prior. Of course, Ricky's direction for Traffic had to be pure street only, straight from some of its best East coast representatives with a visionary eye for trick and spot aesthetics - something that's become a standard since, but those guys were part of setting that whole imagery! Namely Mark Wetzel, Ricky Oyola, Pat Stiener, the incredible Rich Adler, Henry Panza, Andy Bautista, Brannon John, Shaun Williams and some guests of choice along the likes of Bobby Puleo all make appearances. The twenty-minute format makes "Via" a perfect pre-skate watch, oh and the soundtrack is as incredible as the skating. Homework of a pleasurable kind!


This is the best documentary ever done on skateboarding, or even better on the individuals that practice it… No product placement, no brand to push, just four stories, way closer to your than you might think. Finally viewable onine, and a MUST-WATCH! A great work by Flo Schneider

Gold, Jerry, gold!

Since the center of Now is now pinned in a space and time that could named "the New York of the 90's", this drops at a perfect moment! Dan Wolfe just released his Eastern Exposure 3 in top quality… It's all here: the coolest line ever caught on film to kick things off, a good chunk of the Kids casting not necessarily bare chest and doing what they did best in the street, and even half of the footage ever produced by the only "King of New-York", hence Ryan Hickey, which has not aged a bit. Wait, you haven't clicked, yet? To top it off, this part will open the door to a real classic…


Another look-back at the 90's New-York, through Jim Hodgson's archives, with a collection of "moments" as we love them, between dorking around and street life stress. No, nothing has changed, as the recent return of swooshy pants proves. The old timers amongst you should spot, and salute, the amazing Geo Moya featuring, here!

Hi8 TV (1997)

From the same James Hodgson that recently gave us footage of young Puleo or Wenning, amongst others, this edit goes even further in time, back to Hi-8 times… A look that will make the trendiest youngsters jealous with envy, and the old heads nostalgic! But, mainly, here is some explosive skating from Bobby Puleo, and also a sadly forgotten Andy Bautista… Good stuff!

"A Decade Late" / The Howard House video

When a skaters apartment earns a name of its own, it is when it officially reaches "skate house" status, which makes it a meeting point, a permanently squatted ground and a sort of lighthouse for visitors coming from far, far away… This is exactly what was the Howard House, when that millennium was young, in one of the most dreamed about destination back then: San Francisco. From actual tenants to long term "guests", many have spend, back then, at least one night or for weeks there, a stay that would turn into improbable sessions the next day mixing all types of skating and skaters… So, why this footage is only coming out now, you'd ask? This is a story that we will tell you in the next days with the help of the in-house photographer, Richard Hart. Meanwhile, here are ten minutes of good times in between roommates and complete, as well as full part from one of the classiest man to ever step on a board: Ocean Howell. That's right. A Plaitford Productions offering!

Puleo's Alert!!!

Three minutes of a young Bobby, around the key time frame of transitioning from Mad Circle to Infamous!? Yes, it is possible, with –just like for Pappalardo– the perfect mix of classic clips and never been seen! Enjoy!


Nope, this is not a part, and yep, this is almost ten years old… But this still should tickle your mind, because as Bobby Puleo, you do spend your time looking down at your feet, and what is getting closer to them, often at a fast pace… A bit of matter for thought, if you will, on one of the skaters that is the most scrutinized of our own little world, and something that could maybe make look at your world a little differently.

Chasing Bobby

Yep, Bobby Puleo discusses here his recent part, and way more. An exclusive discussion with one of the most elusive skateboarders out there. And he delivers!


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