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Studio on fire

Some news from Quebec' Studio Skateboards, and not just anything! Lately, twelve minutes of pure street skating in Montreal. There are a lot of original spots, and others that we start to know, but they know how to make interesting. And an amazing Zander Mitchell who goes pro by signing what is surely the best part of the video.


The youngest among you would not be aware of it, but for a few decades, Canadian skateboarding was struck by some sort of affliction that would make most of its talent invisible, if not even "not cool", with a few notable exceptions like Rick Howard, or even Mark Appleyard… But those times seems far away, as their new generation –on the contrary– has been the edge of cutting edge for a couple years, now, and this edit is the definitive proof of that. And we are not discussing neither pants length nor width, here. Nope, simply and purely the act of manipulating a skateboard in a more or less hostile urban environment.

Montreal massive!

Andrew McGraw does seem on the exuberant side, but it would be a shame to miss out on his smooth skating, even on spots that are way harder than the way he rides them would make you think. Let's add also the occasion to check out a bunch of spots you would have never seen, put to a great use…


Charles' tip: Squad Massage!

"Kid's rap + old cameras = greatness!" You would have seen most of the parts separately on LIVE already, and for a reason, but let's use the release of the project in full to note an interesting historical point: in 2015, one of the coolest things happening now would have shaken the average (and slightly short sighted) skater from the time that one vintage camera came out. Yes, we are talking about Canadians skating to house music. Times, they are a-changin', Charles!

Squad life!

Charles Rivard is a great example of youth of today! Able to stay exciting on Barcelona's rinsed spots, and super versatile at home… Oh, add a quite explosive switch 180 in there! Squad Massage keeps on delivering…

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