Jed Anderson

Meanwhile, in Toronto…

Where two of the crews we discus the most –the Swiss O.G. 2000 and the Canadian Club Gear, make for the best collabo one could have dream of: them just skating them streets together!

In da club!

Warning: if you are European, and over 30, you might have a seizure at 3' 50… In order to avoid this, you might want to turn off the sound at that moment, but certainly do not close your eyes, as you would be missing out! These Canadians do have that skate thing figured out. Not sure about music tastes, though…


The youngest among you would not be aware of it, but for a few decades, Canadian skateboarding was struck by some sort of affliction that would make most of its talent invisible, if not even "not cool", with a few notable exceptions like Rick Howard, or even Mark Appleyard… But those times seems far away, as their new generation –on the contrary– has been the edge of cutting edge for a couple years, now, and this edit is the definitive proof of that. And we are not discussing neither pants length nor width, here. Nope, simply and purely the act of manipulating a skateboard in a more or less hostile urban environment.

Charles: Crawlspace!

"With less familir faces, but rejoicing skateboarding, that's the least you can say!"

Charles' tip: Squad Massage!

"Kid's rap + old cameras = greatness!" You would have seen most of the parts separately on LIVE already, and for a reason, but let's use the release of the project in full to note an interesting historical point: in 2015, one of the coolest things happening now would have shaken the average (and slightly short sighted) skater from the time that one vintage camera came out. Yes, we are talking about Canadians skating to house music. Times, they are a-changin', Charles!

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"All the New-Yorkers we love!" Some second angles from Strangers, and much, much more!

Youth of Today

Lurknyc's Strangers in full? A little dive into the streets of NYC… And a great dose of motivation for all of us!

Civic Affair

You had already seen Dustin Henry's part on Live, and here is the full video coming from a pretty sick Canadian crew! Seems like Vancouver is an happening place, right now!

Catching up

The least you could say is we don't really follow what might be on around mountain tops, over here, but watching that Jed guy, it might be time to start an interest in all those non-wheeled activities… This dude is effectively the hero of a new movement in snowboarding, as a Goofy, but allows himself to rip the streets with a mean style, as a Regular! Now, that's something!

There’s no secret

A Who’s Who of who’s unknown in NYC?Let’s be frank, we have little information to push about this indy production…
Apart from the fact that if you haven’t skated all last summer in NYC, there is little chance you ever heard of anyone featured. Whish won’t stop this from being on heavy rotation this week-end (and maybe longer!), thanks to a smooth blend of really good skating, rusted spot and a certain “street cred”, as they say…
Other major fact: this video contains a frontside slappy nosegrind of great execution, which is the ultimate trick, if you ask us…

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