"MAGNUS" / Valencia

Zander Taketomo's photographic novel recounting NORWEGIAN Magnus Bordewick's pilgrimage around the world alongside Chris Mulhern to film for his new, eponymous web part for adidas is coming to an end...

And it's onto the shores of Valencia that their flow ends up sweeping us, after a full week of daily havoc bouncing from Philadelphia to Taipei, then to Mallorca, Tokyo, then Seoul.

Spain's third biggest city wasn't without inspiring our trio, skateboarding- and photography-wise: the proof being in the crazy amount of material their got just from that one trip! A feat also helped by the presence of Hermann Stene...

Make sure to treat yourself with the clip, "Magnus", here, and please do stay in touch for new adventures!

"Valencia is honestly one of my favorite places in the world.

It's kind of like Barcelona spot wise, but the city is more quiet and clean.

It's easy to get around, and you'll find everything you need within a small radius in the centre of the city.

I really like the vibe there, the local plaza is one of the best places I know of to just skate and hang out!"

Magnus Bordewick

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