Gabriel Dabasse

PLUS / Amsterdam / Premiere

Four days in a city known for its cobblestones streets? Are the roomies that optimistic? Well, guided by the homies of Pop Trading Company, this last trip for the summer should have been quite fruitful! Wait, "last trip"? Hmm, maybe but even if this could be the final episode of this summer series, be sure those guys are not slowing down any time soon… Stay tuned, and in the meantime, enjoy their visit to Amsterdam!

PLUS / Berlin / Premiere

The roomies keep on migrating for their summer vacation, this time landing for ten days in Berlin, sharing their sessions between the locals hosting them and other tourists like the  Pop Trading Company boys, which even got them embarked in the Pop Live In Berlin operation… Maybe a hint on where they could go next? Let's note this is edited to a track by the multi-talented Ryan Sublette, also known as Adeodat Warfield.

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