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A postcard coming from Haarlem (Netherlands) and its surroundings (from the look of those cobblestones) in what once was called VHS and is now low-def, thanks to our favorite Bastian! Aahh, one day, those streets will be ours again…

Booticelliboys in Thaïholland

On paper, given the number of paved floors that can be heard and seen, the video probably takes place a little more in Holland than in Thailand. Although they have added some exotic touches, the Booticelli boys play at home for this video. In this case, at least it guaranteed quality guests with some guys from Pop that we know well at LIVE like Noah Bunink and Willem Van Dijk, but also the intrepid Glen Fox who is no longer to present. Far from huge bangers everywhere, guys keep a cool, friendly identity and always take pleasure in filming with cameras probably older than me.

PLUS / Amsterdam / Premiere

Four days in a city known for its cobblestones streets? Are the roomies that optimistic? Well, guided by the homies of Pop Trading Company, this last trip for the summer should have been quite fruitful! Wait, "last trip"? Hmm, maybe but even if this could be the final episode of this summer series, be sure those guys are not slowing down any time soon… Stay tuned, and in the meantime, enjoy their visit to Amsterdam!

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