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Jonathan Rentschler is another name that should ring familiar to most LIVE regulars as we've shared about his photography works and even interviewed him before - around the time of the release of his "LOVE" photo book on the last days of LOVE Park in Philly. Well, today, he's up to presenting a new zine: "DILL", focused on Jason Dill as its subject but not just any Dill, or the most publicized Dill for that matter: casual Dill, with an emphasis on documenting spontaneous moments in the man's natural environments.
The opportunity was to great to miss for Benjamin, who caught up with Jon in order to learn more, and spread the word!

Jonathan Rentschler / 5W's!

Jon Rentschler aka. Euro Jon recently released "LOVE", a photo book with the intent of immortalizing the last few months prior to the unskatable remodelization of LOVE Park, the iconic plaza and historic skate spot in Philly - frequented throughout the ages by the likes of Ricky Oyola, Matt Reason, Stevie Williams or Josh Kalis, just to name some of the most obvious. Logically, timeline-wise, that project coincides with the time period around which Brian Panebianco was also crafting his own time capsule of the spot's destruction, just in video form, with "Sabotage 5"; but without further digression, let's let Jon himself talk, and invite us to his upcoming photo show in Tokyo, Japan, the opening of which is on this 18th of October, doors at seven P.M.!

Ode to LOVE

Let's just be honest, here: the majority of books dedicated to skateboarding are rarely more than marketing tools, dedicated to make sure you consume how you are supposed to… Actually independent projects are rare, simply because putting a book together is one hell of a mission! That did not stop young Jonathan Rentschler, that some of you might know from his frequent visits to Europe. And he documented with a photo camera the past three years of LOVE park, to the very last sessions in the middle of its ruins, to turn it all into a book, a real one. One book you can –and should– already pre-order, here… Until it actually drops, here a little visual and animated teaser Jon filmed on Super 8…

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