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Second rite of Passage

The Polish Passage Skate Co., anecdotally strong of quite the quality Norwegian connections we were introducing you to just a few days ago, are back online today with a hit, under the form of the second chapter of their new video offering, by Marcin Jakiel - and this one is dedicated to featuring some impressive talents of the more local origin this time, displayed skating around the cities of Wroclaw, Warsaw and Milan, and what's there to express - but a warning on the next seven minutes slapping you in the face. The combination of a clean production and such a raw style really does function, and even more so that the skateboarding itself is particularly insane. Difficult spots, surprising tricks, style all the way through : one more reason to reflect on how many skateboarders just kill it around the world from a gazillion of places relatively isolated from the industrial hotbeds.

Grey pill

Oder Skateboards is a project ran out of Wrocław in Western Poland; one of the most populated and ancient cities of the region, and the capital of Silesia. Lying on the banks of river Oder, it is divided into twelve islands - connected together via over one hundred and twenty bridges - which regularly earns the place the nickname of the Polish Venice - that's according to Wikipedia, and justifies the name of the brand.

Them guys claim "Underground Skateboarding" as far as in their Instagram bio, but that designation is another thing that's justified as this new clip "Urban Treat - Part 4" (the former installments can be watched on Oder's Vimeo account, here) testifies of a taste for craftsmanship that goes as far as glorifying the brand's latest collab to date with graphic artist Radek Bączkowski, that eventually resulted in the very limited production (thirty copies) of a sweet skateboard deck.

To be expected from the aforementioned clip, by Bartek Mateusiak: the corresponding illustrations, now repurposed to adorn footage of urban trickery by some inspired locals (with an eye for the occasional odd spot, and a penchant for parking lot slappys). Also, if you are familiar with more skate videos from Poland such as the ones LIVE has presented to you before (e.g. here, here or here), rest assured that the grey skies you either love or dread is again present, but washed out in black and white neutrality for pure focus on the raw action.

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