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Riga radness!

Ed, of Rajon TV (whose LIVE has presented some of the past productions before, here), keeps going strong in terms of skate activism and coverage of the Riga, Latvia scene, as exemplified today with this VX-1000 recap of the latest local Go Skateboarding Day to date, masterfully orchestrated from the looks of things and that's in spite of the quarantine-related restrictions in place, that have mostly been lifted for a few weeks now but still technically forbid social gatherings and insist on enforcing a two-meter (that's six feet) distance in between individuals, ideally. While we're not especially encouraging you to break such measures (like, at all), here, everyone involved in the event lived it like the release it probably was or so it appears, given the frenetic assault those D.I.Y. constructions - an initiative by Fricis Štrauss via Clockwise Skateshop - received throughout the day, complementing original, organic spots that already look crazy enough to begin with. As usual coming from them guys, the sincerity of their passion for skating can be felt through the intricacies of the edit and in terms of productivity over just a few hours, nobody even thought of slacking because really, why should you? The resulting edit makes for one more incentive to go visit and skate Riga, as though such a thing would be needed - and the best thing is, no need to wait a year for the next similar event to do just that - unless one's into that very slackin'!

Skate Baltica

Edvards Gabarajevs is our informal informer from Latvia, via his work on local skate media platform Rajon TV, the activity of which can easily be traced on Instagram, here; or on LIVE - as this isn't the first time we bring them up - here and also here. Ed is always enthusiastic to share the latest news from one more underrepresented front with us, bringing up topics such as Madars Apse's local activism, or his own latest, local skate mobilisation efforts.

Right now, those just so happen to be most recognizable by the designation of Skate Baltica: a Riga, capital of Latvia-based event consisting in a full day of skateboarding intertwined with a program of photo exhibitions, talks on the current state of the local scene, video screenings (including Ed's own new production: "DOODLE", which we are featuring today!), and awards as more fuel for the people's motivation. A recap from that day Ed himself describes as having "sort of turned into an improvised Baltic skate film festival", reminiscent of happenings such as Vladimir or Summit Of The Non-Aligned, can be viewed here.

Latvian Labor!

Ed Gabarajevs is from Latvia originally, where he still breaks sweat over his local website Rajon TV (an enterprise you might have caught a glimpse of on here before; "rajon" translates to "projects", by the way - the ones of the housing kind), and now he just sent LIVE Skateboard Media his latest montage, starring a pretty crazy D.I.Y. concrete spot made possible by Madars Apse.

Manhole Tribe

Yes, they do skate in Latvia also, and like in every other part of the globe, the very first obstacle you bring a new flatground trick to is the manhole… The Rajon crew has turned this fact into a cult, or at least a tribe to which about every other skater in the world could belong!


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