Madars Apse

Latvian Labor!

Ed Gabarajevs is from Latvia originally, where he still breaks sweat over his local website Rajon TV (an enterprise you might have caught a glimpse of on here before; "rajon" translates to "projects", by the way - the ones of the housing kind), and now he just sent LIVE Skateboard Media his latest montage, starring a pretty crazy D.I.Y. concrete spot made possible by Madars Apse.

Coffee is the color!

Will Madars Apse be an award winning barista? Or a praised bluesman? Not sure, but why should he, as this would deprive us from his talent to pick the most awkward trick for the least skateable spot… And, now, that's a talent!


Kremer & cie

Where Wes takes all his buddies on a trip, so they can celebrate his Skater Of The Year status and where, surprinsigly, they do a lot ot that: skating! Some celebrating, sure but, hell, did they put those Canaria Islands spots to the test!

A Madars world…

Little booster shot, in case you are not the addicted Berrics client: Minster Apse is now pro! And nobody should have anything to say against that: capable of diving head first into Thomas Campbell's movie or being a burgeoning TV reality star, he is above all one one of the most exciting skaters right now, and always surprises with crazy ideas, even on the most rinsed spots…


Wet dreams!

You can have an hurt Madars in your luggage, on the other side of the world, and he will still be the perfect example on what attitude you should have towards life and skateboarding… Even if you don't manage to keep him dry! You can see more over at the Red Bull site.

Kuala Lumpur!

Now this is some real "roof gap" action! Please note Madras attack, with a backside rotation! This second episode of the Away From The Equator series gives you the hitch to leave all this and go far, far away… They did it, so why not you? You can see more over at the Red Bull site.

Dat spot, though…

We are at a times where the idea of hunting for spots on the other side of the world is losing a bit of its appeal, but when it comes to that wooden bridge thing that is crazier than the zanier Oregon park contraption you have ever seen, let's say the carbon imprint of the footage loses all importance… Barney Page, here, proves once again his ATV status! See more visual proof of it, over at the Red Bull site.

In Dreams…

For those too young to know, Thomas Campbell, recognized painter and filmmaker, made his first moves behind a movie camera by putting out A Love Supreme for the notorious NYC skateshop, his very own hymn to the now long gone New York nineties. Never where you expect him, he has since made himself quite the name for his full-length surf movies, all shot on film… But, it seems that he’s back documenting skateboarding, an activity he never gave up practicing.

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