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  1. La Armonía / Kyle Cielencki / PREMIERE

    Eric Nguyen is the epitome of the modern skate youth: passionate, smart in his social media use, and really quite frantic in terms of productivity as far as VX-1000 output is concerned. Always in between two projects, Eric just finalized his third full-length video for Houston-based skateshop Select entitled "La Armonía", of which he sent us no less than the closing segment: Kyle "Slinky" Cielencki's part. And a very good one it is! LIVE Skateboard Media is now presenting it to you, and we thought that would make for quite the perfect occasion to catch up with Eric, chit chat a bit and most importantly, introduce you to what he's been doing...

  2. Birthday Pool party

    After treating us well with La Armonía, Eric Nguyen comes back, with the same team in front of his fisheye, to celebrate the nine springs of the Huston’s Select skateshop by offering us a video that smells like summer, holidays and pool parties. So we find there Kyle “Slinky” Cielencki or Trung Nguyen true to their styles so pleasant to watch, hard to get bored of it.
  3. Sweet Armonía...

    After Kyle "Slinky" Cielencki's recentlyEric Nguyen is now releasing a new part from his latest full-length video for the Houston-based Select Skateshop: La Armonía. So here is Trung Nguyen doing crazy tricks at interesting spots... A very impressive part; and even moreso knowing that he is mostly renowned as a filmer. Makes you think twice!

  4. Mikey!

    Here's a new Northern Co. clip! This time, focusing on their Texas connection: Mikey Brown, shot and cut by Eric Nguyen, a man we interviewed a little while ago (regarding Slinky's part in "La Armonía"). Nate Broussard even makes an appearance. Please note the frontside blunt to frontside blunt...
  5. Time for livin'

    Eric Nguyen, the Houston-based filmmaker behind the Select Skateshop videos is back, with Zak Anders’ part from La Armonía this time. Quirky spots, smart maneuvers and fluid style: all we need, really, to the point where we can only barely blame him for stealing Mike Carroll’s Beastie Boys track!

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