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  1. Meeting… Leo Valls!

    Were Leo Valls' skateboarding to ever retain only one remarkable quality, that would surely has to be its faculty to glide the man along the tracks of one long and fancy journey... As to look back on and ponder this unusual pace of living, we managed to catch up with Leo in his hometown of Bordeaux, a life recently encapsulated by Blake Myers under the form of a sixteen-millimiter "Good Weekend".
  2. PREMIERE / "Brotherhood" / Max Guyot / INTERVIEW

    The last time LIVE presented one of Maxime Guyot's skate video works was back in 2016: he had then just published the second episode in his web series, "NCY Brotherhood". A "NCY" and not the most common "NYC" that stands for Nancy, France - the ancient capital of the Duchy of Lorraine, way prior to being the one of American fashion. Since then, Max hasn't been sleeping nor slipping and today, he's back with no less than a full-length video: "Brotherhood" (now a general concept) consists in exactly twenty minutes of urban skateboarding, coming in three slices: the first two are dedicated to the underrepresented Nancy locals and scene, and then the last one has a taste of Paris, foreign lands represented by quite the amount of Magenta heads. The eventual result is a little gem of an independent video, much in the vein of some of the best French classics of the genre and featuring rare styles, meticulous editing and intense VX-1000 swordsmanship. Which is obviously synonymous with many a question, so we logically caught up with Max himself for an interrogation he promptly gave in for, very much under the influence of our trust serums and various variations on the Stockholm syndrome.

  3. Meeting… Of Minds / Soy Panday

    If you were still wondering what Magenta stands for, well, Soy has got answers for you! Though, we only had one question to ask him… This is how the best conversations start usually.

  4. The Warriors & Colour Group in Japan / Galerie

    We will present, as a PREMIERE, tomorrow the result of a trip to Japan by two Swiss crews together… Photographer and initiater of the whole thing, Alan Maag, tells and shows more, in the meantime…

  5. Meeting… Josh Stewart!

    On sound, history and motivational speaking…

  6. Richie on C2C

    Early June, French band C2C released a video clip starring the one and only… Richie Jackson, nonetheless!

  7. Meeting… Vivien Feil!

    To celebrate the Panic In Gotham video, a little discussion about skating after Hurricane Sandy, parenting responsibilities, the interest of meeting foreign skateboarders and the future of Magenta skateboards.


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