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Takahiro Morita "Freehand" / 5 W's!

Unless you are new to this website or to independent skateboarding altogether, Takahiro Morita no longer should need any introduction by now. The genius behind the underground video hit "Overground Broadcasting" that helped spread awareness about the Japanese skate scene exactly a decade ago (!), the Far East Skate Network enterprise and the clothing brand LIBE has yet again produced something conceptual. A passionate skateboarder but also a plastic artist, "Freehand" is the name of his new performance exhibition at the Ichihara Lakeside Museum, for which he built a skate course and, well... Peep the video recap to try and get it! LIVE Skateboard Media also got to briefly exchange with Morita regarding the happening. His words below.

Aquatic Spirit

A "Spirit Quest" section is bound to always have the same impact at first watch: first one gets confused by the frenetic pictures their eyes are resting on. Then, everything gradually becomes coherent and in the end, culminates as a sum that's incredibly pleasant to watch. And if this video looks like no other, it’s due to Colin Read's mind brimming with creativity, behind the lens. Everything is precisely thought out, and designed to hit hard thanks to a combo of filming, editing and spot selection taken to new heights. The resulting piece is so inspiring, just watching it could spark off vocations!

Far, far out!

Not sure we can explain everything that happens here, but –once again– Takahiro Morita explore space and volumes, whether "natural" or "fabricated" one, and makes you react to his skating. Which is quite the feat in itself…

Jap' funk!

Et Strush, they know how to pick them "jazzy", but this time up the tempo a notch, and you are in to witness one hell of a jam session! With Master Shinpei as a soloist, nonetheless!

Takahiro Morita History Month

Here is a little catching up course on Japanese skateboarding, through a résumé of Mister Morita latest twenty seven years… Well, yes, you do not become the guru of the movement that came from the Country of the Rising Sun overnight! The most fascinating here is seeing him mature with time to the reach the mastership he is known for nowadays… You can also retrace the family tree of many recent trends.

Peace warriors

This is on the seventieth anniversary of the explosion of the very first atomic bomb, on the Japanese city of Nagasaki, that Takahiro Morita and Far East Skate Network decide to put out this edit reminding us all the visit, a few days after the Fukushima catastrophe, the Magenta and the GX 1000 heads paid to the locals on their very own spot. Because, sometimes, the important thing can be to skate together. Simple as that…

Morita's card

In the end, what will remain of your love for skateboarding will be the people met along the way… Thanks to Mister Morita for reminding me the obvious!
Benjamin Deberdt

À Bordeaux!

"It's about the way it looks…" Léo Valls. What else?


Apart from the social and cultural differences it often transcends, skateboarding, by aging slowly but surely, ends up making different generations interact, allowing –well, sometimes– a more global vision of where they stand to the youth… In many ways, this part shared by Léo Valls and Takahiro Morita celebrates this possibility to share common grounds, here in San Francisco, half-way from their native countries. And, furthermore than the philosophical debate, this ode to doing down, and back up, hills also got one of the best "twists" to be ever pulled by a skateboard video, proof once again of Morita's genuine genius. And, yes, Léo is now part of the Libe movement, which Magenta distributes in Europe.

The message

Takahiro Morita have never been afraid to share his opinions, even political ones, and this new message from him might be the perfect example of that…

Meeting Of Minds

In order to add to Soy Panday's interview posted yesterday, here is a visual recap of the Meeting Of Minds hosted by Magenta, a couple weeks ago. Food for thought!

Meeting… Of Minds / Soy Panday

If you were still wondering what Magenta stands for, well, Soy has got answers for you! Though, we only had one question to ask him… This is how the best conversations start usually.


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