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Stéphane Larance alert!

If the name of Stéphane Larance really rings no bell, then you have lots of European skate history to catch up (something French skate podcast Big Spin can help with here, and LIVE here for non-French speakers), despite many generations worldwide having kept up with his skateboarding prowess since as early as the late eighties.

Well today, the man behind the Instagram for la Plaza Créteil is also coming to the cultural rescue with no less than a retrospective of Stéphane's (copious amount of) footage at said home spot of his throughout not just the years, but the decades, and with class so timeless it's seen many a generation of camera technology come and go!

Franck Pierron / PREMIERE / "Tracked Movements"

Here comes an improbable U.F.O.! If the name of filmer Franck Pierron doesn't ring a bell to you, you don't necessarily have to question your street cred: Franck was always the man in the shadows, masterfully documenting skateboarding from afar out of pure passion without ever feeling the need to put himself out there, as to keep it all nothing but pure fun. From the nineties to the mid-naughts (the era of the French Chill Magazine, for those who remember), Franck has been shooting every format from VX-1000 video to Super 8 or 16 mm film. His eye is of the kind that cultivates the detail and celebrates the energy; and his genuine excitement seems to translates over into the resulting footage, as his drawers are full of tapes and film imprinted by timeless stylings performed by some of the most classic skaters. The years went by and Franck ended up pursuing an audiovisuel career in the television field, but thankfully for us he never shed his youthful first love for skateboarding away and last month after we asked him if he had any unseen footage to contribute he would be sitting on that we could screen at the (now recent) Das Days Movie Night in Paris, he did not hesitate once. #Fortheculture! What this whole exchange eventually resulted in is this clip: "Tracked Movements", an improvised project title reflecting the process of that quest for lost footage, but also the one of the basic act of filming skateboarding to begin with as well as many more, even deeper meanings we will leave up to your imagination as you duly deserve. Regardless of its designation, what counts is how Francks's passion and enthusiasm have survived the past fifteen years time span and today, LIVE Skateboard Media is proud to get to present it to you under the form of this time capsule of an edit, timelessly tracking the movements of many a Parisian skate activist who eventually contributed a lot to the local culture, history and scene, each in their own respective ways. And of course, we caught up with Monsieur Franck long enough to introduce him to our classic "5 W's" treatment!

France's Larance

A coincidental, yet perfect complement to the latest episode of French skate podcast Big Spin that just came out and featured Paris O.G. Stéphane Larance as the guest (if you can't grasp French, fear not: the Bigger Spin is awaiting for you here): Paco, renowned to most as the Lordz filmer just came through with the online posting of this three-minute edit of old Stéphane footage. The spots, continents, memories and impeccably formed flip tricks all zoom past; Stéphane was a professional in the truest sense of the term, always putting in the work throughout the year - most often switch - and each and every of those clips aged like fine wine. Stay tuned for more unseen oldies on LIVE, very soon!

Bigger Spin / EP 011 - Stéphane Larance

Again, here arrives LIVE Skateboard Media's Bigger Spin complementary article to the freshest episode of French skate podcast Big Spin; punctuating the guest's course of speech with photos, videos and links aplenty, business as usual! And the latest Big Spin guest just so happens to be the man, the myth, the legend Stéphane Larance, a long-standing pillar of Paris skateboarding, and one of the first heads to ever come out of France and get on the radar of the industry, paving the way to the open, worldwide horizons skateboarding now strives under. If you can't grasp the French language, fear not: we did our best we could to come up with a sweet recap!

Le hubba parisien

Proof that this parisian ledge is quite heavy, the compilation of tricks done on it is not that long… A special mention from the LIVE crew goes out to Luy-Pa Sin and his backside nosegrind thirteen years ago!

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