Youness Amrani

Daan alert!

So, it is official! The most antihero of all our Northerner neighbors (and lord knows there is quite a heavy competition over there, when it comes to that category!) has joined the Swoosh, and a lot of his buddies in order to soak in a bit of sun, and annihilate some spots in the meantime on a small Spanish island… Yep, he kills!

Le hubba parisien

Proof that this parisian ledge is quite heavy, the compilation of tricks done on it is not that long… A special mention from the LIVE crew goes out to Luy-Pa Sin and his backside nosegrind thirteen years ago!

Charles' tip: Youness Amrani

"Have you seen Youness' part? It is pretty insane, and validates the fact that in 2014 the fakie ollie is mandatory!" That line on the famous Portuguese yellow spot is also completely bonkers…

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