Luy-Pa Sin

Vid(éO) Days!

(éO) is the video that was handicrafted by the locals of the defunct spot of Bercy, Paris - a very frequented one two decades ago, which might just sound equivalent to the times of the invention of writing nowadays. David Luraschi was the main culprit alongside, most notably, graphic designer Nicolas Malinowsky (a character one can learn more about via his interview on French skate podcast Big Spinhere) and really, what they ended up writing there just so happened to make for a page of skateboarding's history, on the sole basis of the initiative of a homie video - no pretention, no ambition, just sessions and motivation.

The full-length video came out back in 2001, 2002 and as the web you're most likely surfing right now wasn't popular yet (we had just invented the wheel and the Mini-DV tape, remember), the odds of a non-Parisian managing to get their hands on the limited edition VHS tape weren't looking too good. Which means, it is most of humanity that - till this day - had been missing out on a crazy amount of footage from not just the Bercy locs but also the original Cliché team riders, a bunch of Lordz affiliates and other various Toulouse heads: a young Lucas Puig who had barely hatched his way out of the Teenage Tour egg, Thibaud Fradin, Vincent Bressol, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Fabien Martin, Guillaume Dauriac, Xavier Orsola, Mathieu Levaslot, Paul Allard, Luy-Pa Sin, Bertrand Soubrier...

A whole generation's France skate clique represents in there, and not just them either as some filming trips were taken, plus Nilton Neves earns himself a whole part (and recollections of a funny nickname). Make sure to stick around after the credits have rolled, too, or you'll miss the cherry atop the cake: the notorious "secret Bastien Salabanzi part", then barely sixteen-year-tall and already on a path of destruction and discovery that traverses Dortmund, Hyères and Bercy - eh, oh...


So, yeah, #lucassotyeveryyear, yes, Geronzi is at the top of his game, but let's note the confirmation of Karl Salah's "République Mayor" status (a crown handed by Dill, nonetheless…) and way more than than from him!

Le hubba parisien

Proof that this parisian ledge is quite heavy, the compilation of tricks done on it is not that long… A special mention from the LIVE crew goes out to Luy-Pa Sin and his backside nosegrind thirteen years ago!

The King of what?

We were recently discussing Luy-Pa Sin's contribution to the invention of "the flick", nowadays an established worldwide standard to a quality kickflip, and this sponsor-me filmed by Fred Mortagne around the 2K time period, will only confirm that. A master class in natural style! Plus that Créteil Red Bricks session will affirm another important point: "Luy-Pa is for the children!"


Luy-Pa, da flip god…

You most likely are too young to know, but Luy-Pa remains the very first to naturally catch ALL his flip tricks with his back foot, while this front leg was straight in its kick… Something that would actually get him mad back then, because he wanted to catch them flat, Mike Carroll style, and something he would NEVER admit even under heavy torture. So, let's leave him being the humble king, and let's celebrate for him that giant leap into modern style, that happened many moons ago, via this jazzy mixtape…



Things are happening, and indy projects are bursting left and right! This one is aiming from Bordeaux, and Ben Chadourne's brain. One to follow, that's for sure!

Captains attack


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