Dean Palmer


So, we would naturally associate the spot squatting to a population mixing hi-tech skating and sporty attire, but Dean Palmer reminds us here that having a meet-up place you actually end up spending all day skating at, is a bona-fide blessing, and does it the best possible way, knitting together all the possibilities of one square, with the dexterity he is known for!


A real sharp Pass-Port!

They had warned us in their most recent edit, but this time it is official: our favorite Australians have gone full HD! But, fear not that is about all that has changed: they still shred about anything in their path, in high spirits but laid-back manner, and the Athens streets sure can attest to that. We will note a Josh Pall in great form, on top of that!

The card

Decidedly, they got it all figured out at Pass-Port… From Josh Pall to Callum Paul, they do have all bases of pure class covered!

OZ Smooth…

You know Dean Palmer, he isn't too shabby at smoothing his way through tech maneuvers… And here, he manages to bring back the shove-it (no pop) as single trick hammer! Not bad, not bad…


Two weeks in Tokyo for our favorite Australians? Yep, they did visit the regular spots and –strangely enough– have managed to drive the local security insane, but also managed to skate many places that we have never seen before, and with their own take on it, also. This is definitely a great one to get yourself in the mood for an eventful week-end!

Nik Stipanovic

They don't really recruit lame ducks at Pass-Port, and Nic brings a nice all-terrain touch while keeping an impeccable street cred'. Brace yourself for a great bonus, with the perfect line of Dean Palmer!


New-Zealand is not a destination you hit every other day, even when you live "close" to it… The Pass-Port dudes did take the trip, en masse, and it looks like they wanted to make their visit profitable, when you look at the quantity of footage they came back with, as well as the amount of spots they did hit, as diverse as their team can be. Just click, and you'll be there with them!

Aussie touch

We knew Callum Paul was enthralling on his board, and were guessing he was not going to turn pro for Pass-Port via a couple tricks hastily thrown together, but this edit is just perfect with the large featuring of all the friends, and the heavy dosage of localism on his daily and preferred spot, far far away from round trips to China for a single hammer… Well, we already said this was perfect, didn't we?

Blitz attack

Australian Dean Palmer skates really well, but also really, really fast, and that makes all the difference!

Charles' Tip: Dean Palmer

My buddy Charles likes skaters with finesse and technical abilities, without having strict rules about what is "good" or "bad" in skateboarding… Basically, he always has a good advice! “My choice goes to Dean Palmer, classic but you just can’t hate on any of this. The last trick counts many a trap. Hasn’t this guys been underrated for way too long!?”

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