Geoff Campbell

A real sharp Pass-Port!

They had warned us in their most recent edit, but this time it is official: our favorite Australians have gone full HD! But, fear not that is about all that has changed: they still shred about anything in their path, in high spirits but laid-back manner, and the Athens streets sure can attest to that. We will note a Josh Pall in great form, on top of that!

The card

Decidedly, they got it all figured out at Pass-Port… From Josh Pall to Callum Paul, they do have all bases of pure class covered!


The Pass-port heads in New York… Where do we sign? Yep, they came through big time, proof that those Australians did not spend their whole stay at the coolest watering holes of Wiliamsburg!

Oz power!

Ah, Australia… The other skateboard country continent! And considering the size of the place, and the number of locals, diversity is there. Proof here with a selection of footage from the Swooshed kids from down under, and from Nick Boserio to Geoff Campbell, they got something for everybody!

Geoff Campbell

He just never slows down, does he? When he doesn't feed us great videos, he just keeps his own parts put a smile on our face. This time, he let's his skating do the talking, with a remarkable emphasis on the use of his nose! From UBG Vol.1.


Two weeks in Tokyo for our favorite Australians? Yep, they did visit the regular spots and –strangely enough– have managed to drive the local security insane, but also managed to skate many places that we have never seen before, and with their own take on it, also. This is definitely a great one to get yourself in the mood for an eventful week-end!

Get Slugged

Those edits are always good, as they show Australian skateboarding in all its glory, from pure brutality to perfect technique…


If you have a headache, this might not be for you, seriously! But, come back at it, once the pills are working!

Aussie touch

We knew Callum Paul was enthralling on his board, and were guessing he was not going to turn pro for Pass-Port via a couple tricks hastily thrown together, but this edit is just perfect with the large featuring of all the friends, and the heavy dosage of localism on his daily and preferred spot, far far away from round trips to China for a single hammer… Well, we already said this was perfect, didn't we?

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