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"Loveletters to Skateboarding" is the increasingly popular video podcast hosted by Jeff Grosso and his peeps; whilst on the other side of the lens and in the editing room, resides the role of our friends at Six Stair (most notably renowned for their work on the Antihero video "The Body Corporate", but not just that one), and Vans is in charge of the make-up. Recently, the latest episodes of the show have been region-based and it just so happens that France is the subject of the newest one! The guys did very well at conducting a thorough research job and, despite their humble claim to not be trying to make a documentary on the history of French skateboarding altogether per se, the eventual product resembles just that pretty well and features interventions from many an interesting, if not pivotal character in the local culture, as well as vintage, still moving pictures and tales aplenty, as though told on a seven-hour drive from Paris to Marseille, going through Lyon, and then recounted on the way back - in love mail.


Now that is a nice surprise from the Antihero camp to boost your week-end: a perfectly timed and cut edit focusing more on the transition side of things (which is not a bad thing at all!), and therefore on that one Peter Hewitt fellow (Not that there is anything wrong with it!). One could ask where is Larry, though…


In how many activities, in the large sense of it, two people with a difference of age like Russo and Grosso might have, could spend this kind of day, in all sincerity? Not that many. And that's beautiful thing!

Return of the revenge!

So, they are really going for it with this one, at Freedumb! For those too young to know, this is the clothing brand managed by Dan Drehobl, and as you can see, they are not afraid of anything, not even of some slightly heavy joke!

Public service announcement

No inspiring part, today? Well, no worries, Jeff Grosso is in Internet Town to teach you a thing or two… Do thank him when done, people!


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