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Take Five (Pushes)

Push Periodical, the independent, print photography-oriented skate mag orchestrated by legendary photographer from the U.K. Richard Hart (interviewed by LIVE here), celebrates its five years of existence (only? already?) as a petite entreprise with "5", an exclusive edit signed by just-as-legendary Sony VX-1000 wizard Zach Chamberlin which revisits a past half-of-a-decade mostly spent on the road - or when the San Francisco hills decide to lead you somewhere in between Portugal and Hungary... On the program: nearly forty skaters documented throughout that timespan, whose most footage has found a home in different productions in the meantime and yet, they manage to take a whole new flavo(u)r here - which isn't that surprising as Rich can definitely school anyone on how clementines really make camembert come alive, and that's in spite of all their preconceived notions. Behind the camera, in addition to Zach: Colin ReadRomain BatardChris Thiessen, Grant Yasura... And Dan Wolfe, for the final tribute to Keith Hufnagel - of course. The soundtrack is by a longtime friend of Richard's: Brigid Dawson.

What an ad, Venture

Someone else's trucks of choice shouldn't be anybody's concern, just as much as their own should be their main focus, always... Or not, but what is for sure is that Venture Trucks' new power move in terms of roster edification just manifested itself under the form of four minutes and forty-nine seconds of brand new Bobby Worrest, packed with improbable Pulaski lines and various maneuvers bound to make the interwebs spin. All hail transfers!


Well, rather clean ones, really, especially when it comes to tricks! Even on the crustiest spots… With a special mention to Cyrus Bennett manuals!


Worrest, Cromer and the boys in Barcelona, you in? Well, yeah, off course! This way, please, then…

Let's skate dude!

The new Krooked full length? It's here, it's now!

The unusual somewhere else

Antwerp and Lisboa: two destinations that are so close, yet not so often considered, for obvious or not preconceptions about artisanal paving for one, and gloomy weather for the other. Nothing that could even slow down the Push Periodical homies, as they are fully aware of the adage stating that one never willing to get trialed, will never skate anything new. Plus, if you take Bobby Worrest with you, everything should and will be more than all right!


A great idea from our friends at Push Periodical, with this Zach Chamberlin edit compiling the best possible way the footie from all the inanimate images seen in the latest issue of the magazine! Be ready for a casting of more or less all our (and your) favorites!

Worrest alert!

Aging well like fine wine is never an easy one when you are part of the Street Tech© school of thought, but it seems like Bobby has unearthed the secret to that… Keeping it classy, yet aggro as the same time!

Teching it!

The future will be tech, or won't be… Yes, you've heard it here. One cannot suspect the Sabotage heads to be part of the private skatepark conspiracy, but that certainly does not stop JP Souza from localizing his ledge till he makes it his bitch! His guest aren't too shabby at that, either, so you're in for a good dose of "good" tech!

Your weekly Ishod dose!

True, we hadn't seen new footage of Mister Wair for a few hours, at least, and were starting to worry, almost! Luckily, a little trip to Puerto Rico with the Johnny Wilson crew gives him the chance to stretch his legs, while Cory Kennedy happens to steal the show!

Sequence 1

John Wilson and buddies: the perfect recipe… Here, we have a Nick Boserio at his best in spots aggression, an always unexpected Max Palmer, and the Cyrus Bennett we all love! Let's note also the improbable wallie kickflip…


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