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One man's trash...

... is another man's treasure, or empty canvas, or whatever it is a certain saying implies. Anyway, here, the context is Philadelphia via the appropriately-named local company: Municipal, which just so happens to involve quite the handful of interesting skate profiles in its productions; here, we're talking - amongst others - Matt Militano, Dylan Pearce, Sean Spellissy and Ricky Geiger, all seemingly on recycling duty seeing as literal trash is most everything everybody skates in this new three-minute clip, highlighting the omnipresent problem Philadelphia has with littering. It tends to make one ponder the potential difficulty of being both a skateboarder and a germaphobe, and is a montage by Carson Reuther.


In an era of everybody looking oh-so-great on Instagram, and the imagery of skateboarding constantly overflooding minds to the point where it's now become uncommon to get to take a mental breather long enough to ever miss watching footage, it's probably even more rare to actually stumble upon a video part that's exceptionally impactful - at least enough to instill the spontaneous desire to rewatch it one, if not several (!) times. Traditionally, though, that was exactly what made or broke the subsequent legacy of a skate section in a video, or at least part of it.

"Vanish", a new independent video from Philadelphia and signed by the boiling mind of the young Zach Sayles (twenty-three years old), nonetheless proves to be one remarkable - and memorable - little gem in two thousand nineteen. Zach's skilled, spectacular utilization and maneuvering of the VX-1000 indeed help, but that's not just it; his vision transcends the clips and skating themselves, as he claims enjoying experimenting with musical scores and generally trying to convey a certain cinematographic feel to his videos, in this interview of Zach for Skate Jawn.

In an unexpected way, that makes many a parallel to be drawn with the Ty Evans of a particuliar era, the one of "Modus Operandi" and "Fully Flared", the pre-drones one.

The whole video is a trip, most of its segments are online here and there already, the DVD can be purchased here and Matt Militano, whose name you may remember from the SLAP show "One In a Million", his Instagram prowess or his numerous other great parts in various local videos, kind of makes for the aforementioned Lakai video's Marc Johnson of this beautifully-crafted artisanal film.

Which is a section you'll watch once, then maybe rewatch one, if not several (!) times...

The fun movement

It is interesting that in the city counting the most pros per habitant in the world, and where it is a "real" status, therefore respected and sought after, you can still find kids skating together and filming each other, and as everywhere else in the world, some are "good", some are less talented, some are "well dressed", some are not, and watching that is just great. And for the professional critics, let's remind you all that this is a throwaway edit from one of the young filmers of L.A. A little breath of fresh (yet polluted) air.

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