Ricky Geiger

One man's trash...

... is another man's treasure, or empty canvas, or whatever it is a certain saying implies. Anyway, here, the context is Philadelphia via the appropriately-named local company: Municipal, which just so happens to involve quite the handful of interesting skate profiles in its productions; here, we're talking - amongst others - Matt Militano, Dylan Pearce, Sean Spellissy and Ricky Geiger, all seemingly on recycling duty seeing as literal trash is most everything everybody skates in this new three-minute clip, highlighting the omnipresent problem Philadelphia has with littering. It tends to make one ponder the potential difficulty of being both a skateboarder and a germaphobe, and is a montage by Carson Reuther.

Philly alert!

Where we find out some die-hards still skate LOVE park, or should we say its ruins… Oh, and that the city has way more to offer than its classic spot! But that we knew already, thanks to Chris Mulhern amongst others!

Caste Quality / Installment 06

People, rejoice: our good friends at Caste Quality decided to celebrate another clothing installment with this edit documenting skateboarding in Philadelphia, captured by a Chris Mulhern at his best! Basically, all you want to see, shown the way it should be… Don't forget to follow and support, here!

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